My Reading List

Reading takes your mind off the world for a while, the moment you open a book, you can be carried away into a whole new world of words, people, and places.

Here is my Reading list for the next few weeks.

This new list is about as random as you can get! But hey, there are no rules in reading.

The first book on the list is one my mom got me for Christmas…and I’ve yet to read it…oops. But I am now, that is what counts, right?

The Violin Makers Daughter (Amazon Link)

This book takes place during World War II (shocking I know, as I’ve never said it’s my favorite time era)

Sarah is the oldest daughter of a Jewish violin maker, and when the Germans come, Sarah will be the first one to escape. She must travel across France and to hide her real identity, she now uses her bilingual talents and becomes a German for her safety.

She is not the only one in living a false identity, Ralf a German deserter, risks his life to save Sarah, never revealing who he is.

Keeping their real names a secret, Sarah and Ralf travel across France to what they hope is safety.

Next one this list is

Olivia Twist (Amazon Link)

Yes, it is a rewrite on the classic Oliver Twist.

For her safety of living on the street, Oliva has lived her life as if she was a boy among thieving London street gangs.

But when things take an unexpected turn, Oliva is taken in by her Uncle. From the streets to the upper class and high society, Oliva is trying her best to adjust. But she cannot forget her past, and the children still left on the streets of London.

And soon her past comes right to her front door; Jack MacCarron knows the streets of London as good as Oliva, but he too has been taken in off the streets, by what everyone believes to be his Aunt. But really, his “aunt” and he are slowly robbing the high society.

When Oliva and Jack come across each other, their memories are taken back to the streets, where they once lived, and where they still work.


The House on Foster Hill (Amazon Link)

I reviewed The Curse of Misty Wayfair a while back, if you want a grip-the-book read, that book is for you.

This one, I believe will follow the same “gripping” genre as the last one, and I am looking forward to reading it! And by reading it, I mean reading it daytime, in a room full of people, not by myself.

Taking place in Wisconsin, Kaine Prescott purchases an old house sight unseen, but once she sees the house, she begins to rethink her choice.

Soon the dark history of the house begins to surface, and Kaine has no to place to go…

Going back in time, for Ivy Thorpe, the house on Foster Hill holds nothing but bad memories, but when an unforeseen occurrence happens on the property, Ivy must delve into her past, and come face to face with her future.

Next up!

Let’s do a complete 180 and go for a light book!

P.S I Like You (Amazon Link)

And actually, this one…I’ve read before…hey, when you find a good book, you want to read it again!!

This book reminded me of the movie You’ve Got Mail. Which is a good thing because I love that movie.

Lily, is a quirky, music-loving high school student. She wears high tops and sews a variety of patches on to her clothing. She knows she’s a little different, but she embraces it and that’s what I loved about her.

One day while spacing out in chemistry class, a subject that bores her, she scribbles song lyrics on her desk. When she returns to chemistry the next day, she sees that someone wrote the next line of the lyrics. As she starts exchanging notes with this mysterious pen-pal, they discover they have a lot in common.

And so, begins a mystery of who the pen-pal is, and if they will ever meet face to face.

As I said, it has a lot of notes of You’ve Got Mail.

This book was insanely cute, as all of Kasie West’s books are (By Your Side, was another favorite). They are simple, romantic reads that I go to a lot.

And lastly,

Love & Gelato (Amazon Link)

I think I devoured this book, as one would devour gelato…wow, this was a book!! And yeah, this is the first book on my list, that I have completed.

After Lina’s mom dies of cancer, she flies to Tuscany to meet her dad, a man whom she has never met.

As it was her mother’s dying wish that she gets to know her father. At first, Lina is ready to leave and go back to Seattle the moment she steps on Italian soil, but she then receives a journal that her mom had kept when she lived in Italy. And soon her whole world is turned even further upside down.

She goes on a journey discovering Italy with the help of her mom’s journal and follows in her footsteps as she unearths a secret that has been kept for far too long

Loved this book so much! It was not predictable and kept me guessing until the very end.

So, there is my reading list for this month! Check back soon for a new list!

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